In 2017, we welcome you to Montréal, Canada. Nicknamed "The City of Festivals," Montréal is set to be one of the most lively and invigorating locations for a WorldMUN conference yet. 

Built on an island, in the famous Canadian province of Québec, it is a city of cultural, historic, economic, and political prowess. Having been a host to the World Fair in 1967, and the Summer Olympics in 1976, it is truly a prominent international destination. As the cultural capital of Canada and the UNESCO City of Design, it is home to a wide range of vibrant events, including the largest international jazz festival in the world, the largest comedy festival in the world, the Canadian F1 Grand Prix, and more! The city is also committed to central WorldMUN ideals like sustainability and cooperation, and is one of only three cities in North America to hold offices for the United Nations. 

With Montréal's 375th anniversary and Canada's 150th anniversary also taking place in 2017, there could be no better location for the twenty-sixth Harvard WorldMUN conference.