CHI chi nwodoh '19 african union

CHI chi nwodoh '19
african union


Topic A: Radical Islam

Over the past few years, the spread of radical Islam has threatened African states. Facilitated by high rates of poverty, lack of infrastructure, and the political instability of many nations, the potential terrorism that these groups pose to these nations can be highly disruptive. Not only, is radicalization threatening to these nations, through migration and increased globalization, terrorism in Africa also poses an increased threat to the international community, This topic discusses the potential causes, concerns, ad solutions to combat the dangers to political and economic stability in Africa, and possible ways to combat the threat of terrorism.



Chi Chi Nwodoh is a second year student at Harvard studying Human Evolutionary Biology with a secondary in Global Health and Health Policy. She has spent her entire life in Massachusetts, and looks forward to her next three years here. This is her first year participating in a Model UN conference and she more than excited to participate and learn from others. Outside school, she enjoys reading blogs, listening to music, and meeting new people.


Topic B: Overpopulation

Driven by advances in economic growth and improved health and sanitation measures, populations are living longer and increasing in African nations, especially in urban locations. This topic seeks to look at how large of a concern overpopulation is in Africa, whether rapid urbanization is a problem that needs to be strategically addressed, and the potential impact of increased population on growing economies, the environment, food security, and political stability in developing countries.