- Cabaret -

The Olympia

Roaring Twenties is the Cabaret event for WorldMUN 2017. It is the fourth social of the 26th session of WorldMUN and delivers delegates to The Olympia.

Based on the prominent Western cultural period in the 1920s when jazz music, flappers, and Art Deco boomed, the Roaring Twenties is a grand cultural throwback! As the signature Cabaret event, it will be full of extravagant dance performances by delegations from around the world (including the hosts), so it is definitely set to be one of the most entertaining socials of the conference.

Venue Information

Located in downtown Montréal's theater and music district, The Olympia is a cultural gem built in the 1920s. Fashioned as a cinematic theater, it carries a one-of-a-kind style in Montréal and beyond. The Olympia will transport delegates back in time and give them one of the most timeless social experiences they will ever have.

Dress Theme: Jazz Theme (Classy, Gold, Silver, Pearls, Great Gatsby Attire)