Casco Viejo

Casco Night offers delegates a chance to explore one of Panama City's oldest and liveliest neighborhoods. In a “pub crawl” style of night, attendees are invited to walk around the beautiful and vivid blocks of Casco Viejo, with designated venues, these being bars and clubs, specially reserved for the guests of the night. Amongst tens of restaurants, bars, cafés and parks to see, Casco Viejo is the place to be on a Tuesday Night and the opportunity to admire a beautiful mix of classical architecture and lively nightlife.

Venue Information

Casco Viejo, also know as the “Old Quarter” is considered the historic district of Panama City. Its history goes back to being settled, attacked and resettled throughout the 17th century, giving towards the European architecture and historical landmarks, churches and monuments, becoming in the year 1997 declared as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Casco Viejo portrays not only the most historical monuments of our history, but embodies the Panama nightlife, culture, gastronomy and traditions in its multiple blocks of open-air cafés, rooftop terraces, restaurants, bars, club and more destinations, full of music and entertainment.

Dress Theme: Casual