avinash saraf '17 committee of experts on cybersecurity

avinash saraf '17
committee of experts on cybersecurity



Avi is a senior at Harvard College studying Computer Science with some Statistics. He has been participating in MUN-related activities for over a third of his life now, and is extremely excited about this committee. Aside from Model UN, he dances way too much with a few groups on campus, runs a lot even though his mom yells at him for it, and does research on politics. From basketball to Game of Thrones, he's interested in a lot of different things – feel free to reach out to him about pretty much anything. This will be his third and last WorldMUN and he cannot wait to learn more about the food, drinks, and dances of other cultures!


Topic: Technology in Conflict Situations 

As the world has become more globalized, the pervasiveness of technology has grown as well. Increasingly, we see groups of all sizes and intents utilizing technology to achieve their ends without any sort of organized framework to regulate this sort of behavior internationally. The internet is commonly assumed to be an open tool for all to use as they desire with few restrictions, but the rise of new technologies has challenged the strength to which people are willing to sacrifice their security for their freedom.

This question of security versus freedom online has brought different players at odds, including intelligence agencies and independent hacker organizations. However, the question of whether these two groups have any common ground has as of yet been unanswered. This committee will feature the first ever meeting of key players across all of these different groups to try to find common ground upon which to work together and make the world a better place.

Since Anonymous declared war on ISIS, the role of unrecognized hacktivist organizations in public discourse has shifted, with many wondering if there is room for collaboration with governments and large security organizations in specific cases. Therefore, this committee will focus on understanding the common ground between these actors, creating a plan of action to identify how to move forward, and a reflective discussion on what this means for the future of technology.