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tony chen '18
council of colombian ministers


Tony Chen is a junior at Harvard College studying Statistics with a secondary in Psychology. He was born in Dallas, raised in Chicago, and is presently living in Princeton, NJ. His experience with Model UN dates back to freshman year of high school, where he only signed up for MUN because the booth at the club fair was alphabetically next to the Math Team. It has been nearly six years and over twenty conferences both as a delegate and as a staffer on the high school and college circuits, including WorldMUN 2016 in Rome! Outside of MUN, Tony is an amateur chef (scrambled eggs are my speciality), professional Netflixer (kung fu movies only), and wannabe GoPro hero.

Topic: Peace and Post-Peace

“Colombia today lives in a very special moment, when we are nearing peace, when post-conflict and its challenges and opportunities are looming, and when we continue to strengthen our economy, reducing poverty and inequality.” – President Juan Manuel Santos in his televised address on April 25th, 2016

The Republic of Colombia is going through a critical point of potential change right now, the first true opportunity for peace in the nearly seventy years since La Violencia. President Santos recently completed his transition of advisors, appointing his latest Council of Ministers that is composed of members both new and old. President Santos is optimistic about the future of his Council and country, calling it “a cabinet of peace” and “one that would consolidate the economy.” Whether his hopeful perception of the peace process and its aftermath comes true, however, remains to be seen.

Forging lasting peace, combating drug trafficking, and revitalizing Colombia’s economy will be the primary objectives of the Council of Ministers. None of these are small undertakings as thousands of citizens demand justice and not peace, impoverished farmers continue to rely on drug crops for survival, and the oil revenues that constitute half of Colombia’s exports fall. All of these interests will need to be balanced by this historic Council, on top of the mass of disastrous crises that are sure to occur. So delegate, are you up for the task?