Bushra hamid '20  commission on science and technology for development cstd@worldmun.org

Bushra hamid '20
commission on science and technology for development cstd@worldmun.org

Bushra is a sophomore at Harvard studying Psychology and hails from Houston, Texas. She is the co-Founder and President of the Harvard Undergraduate Blockchain Group, the first blockchain organization at Harvard College. Bushra oversees the activities and structuring of committees for over 300+ students who have expressed interest in the organization. Bushra also co-founded the National Muslim Women's Summit, an annual conference in collaboration with the Harvard Kennedy School, which is fully funded and endorsed by several organizations that invites young leaders to embark on a year-long leadership fellowship targeting their communities. Bushra is dedicated to helping others feel empowered through financial and legal literacy. This will be her first year with WorldMUN, and she is very excited and looks forward to meeting the delegates from all over the world at WorldMUN 2019!

Topic: Blockchain

On the topic of Blockchain, this committee will be tasked with addressing the qualms around the new technology, highlighting whether or not countries should adopt (or avoid), certain aspects of it. At its essence, blockchain is a network of computers that run the same protocol and that makes cryptocurrency possible. The transactions that run on the decentralized network are immutable by outside forces, and regardless of internet restrictions, the entire network is always accessible. It allows all people equal access, and bypasses a lot of censorship that is usually seen with similar networks. Much development in countries can be seen by using the technology. For instance, developing countries could adopt a blockchain-based micro-financing solution, which could allow individuals to store funds on this platform without the need for a traditional bank account, therefore circumventing the need to hurdle any restrictions of opening one up. With the multitude of advantages of the technology, however, there are also many contentious issues regarding the use of blockchain, such as a potential increase of cyber crime. This delegation will open up these disputable aspects to debate, and delegates are expected to collaborate in their proposed solutions.