spencer ma '19   european union eu@worldmun.org

spencer ma '19
european union eu@worldmun.org



Spencer Ma is a junior at Harvard College studying Economics with a minor in European Studies. Originally from Southern California, Spencer has participated in a wide variety of Model United Nations conferences in his time at Harvard. Last year, Spencer was the Under-Secretary-General of Administration for WorldMUN 2017 but will serve as the committee chair for the European Union at WorldMUN 2018. Other than WorldMUN, Spencer is also the USG of Administration for HNMUN-LA, the Latin American version of Harvard's college conference. His interests center around economic development, international relations, and public finance but in a non-academic setting, he enjoys watching soccer and traveling the world. Spencer is extremely excited to be coming back to WorldMUN to chair the EU and cannot wait to be meeting delegates from all over the world!

Topic: Preservation of the EU

Founded in 1993, the formation of the European Union has been one of the most impactful events that have shaped the course of the international political economy. However, at present, its mere cohesion is put to question: with recent events such as Brexit and the refugee crisis, will the European Union stay intact for much longer? Rising nationalist sentiment among large European countries such as France, weakening economic conditions in multiple countries such as Greece and Portugal, and an intensifying refugee crisis spanning the entire region has gnawed away at the fabric holding the EU in one piece. Thus, this committee will be tasked with addressing the paramount conflict and ultimately save (or not save) the European Union.