Feria de Sevilla

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Come celebrate Harvard WorldMUN 2019 like an Andalusian. Come experience the lifestyle of enamored celebrities and artists across centuries, from Francisco de Goya to Picasso, to Francis Bacon, Ava Gardner, Ernest Hemingway, and Pedro Almodovar. A unique night where tradition and modernity will form a perfect cocktail, where delegates will dance to the latest beats in a flamenco show atmosphere, getting to experience the charm surrounding the popular fete of “Los Toros” and the lavish party- style of matadores and Zarzuela artists. This night will recreate a mix of the traditional and popular summer fetes celebrated across Spain and the worldwide famous Feria de Sevilla in Andalusia, which have been portrayed by famous Spanish movie makers such as Berlanga, Buñuel and Almodovar. It is an opportunity to live an Andalusian night at the heart of Madrid. An unforgettable theme to make history the starting point of Harvard WorldMUN 2019’s offer of socials.

 Venue Information: Nazca Club

In the financial center of Madrid comes NAZCA, one of the best clubs of the financial area of Madrid. A majestic club that shows the most elegant side of the Madrilian night, NAZCA is a club of epic dimensions, accommodating up to 1,500 people at a time. Divided into two different floors, each floor has direct access from the street and with an avant-garde decoration is the best place to enjoy Spanish night party. NAZCA holds weekly sessions of renowned DJ sets that attract the most sophisticated young people of the capital.

Dress Theme: Flamenco inspired, festive 50’s outfits. Frilled, colorful, polka-dots clothes.



Calle de Orense, 24, 28003 Madrid


Santiago Bernabeu (10)

Nuevos Ministerios (6, 8, 10)