- Global Village -

Windsor Station

Expo 67 is the Global Village event for WorldMUN Montréal. It's the second social of the 26th session of WorldMUN and brings delegates to the historic Windsor Station.

Expo 67, also known as The 1967 International and Universal Exposition, refers to one of the most successful World Fairs of all time held in Montréal. It brought together over 60 countries and over 50 million visitors in a true display of international exchange and celebration. In similar fashion, Expo 67 as WorldMUN's stage for Global Village will bring together countries and delegations across the world to an incredible bazaar. Delegations representing countries will be given booths, which they will be able to use to showcase their culture and traditions to other delegates in a true global exchange!

Venue Information

Located in downtown Montréal, Windsor Station is a former railway station that now holds offices, hotel complexes, restaurants, and a metro station. As a venue, it provides delegates with an beautiful and expansive space so that they can truly take in the vibrancy of the Global Village experience.

Dress Theme: Nation/Culture Theme (Represent the Culture or Nation You Come From!)