Global Village

In accordance with WorldMUN tradition, Madrid is proud to host and present Global Village, a gathering of international travelers to bond and share their cultures, gastronomies and unique goods, as has been done in the country that has been the crossroads of European civilization for centuries. At global village, you'll have the chance to travel the world by sampling a variety of treats and libations at booths stationed throughout the venue. 

Global Village is an event that is only as good as the delegations who choose to host booths make it; to sign up to host a booth at Global Village, fill out this short form!

Venue Information

Palacio de Cibeles, part of the Town Hall of Madrid, is centrally located and is the perfect venue to host this treasured annual tradition. Adorned with long halls and glass ceilings, the Palacio promises delegates an fun, enriching experience in an evening under the stars.

Dress Theme: International Fair (Represent the Culture or Nation You Come From!)

*Global Village is a free event for all delegates!