ike jin park '20   south korean cabinet, 1969 korea@worldmun.org

ike jin park '20
south korean cabinet, 1969 korea@worldmun.org



Ike Jin Park is a Sophomore at Harvard College, studying Social Studies and Environmental Science & Public Policy. Ike is an international student from South Korea and he lived in China for the most part of his life. At Harvard, he writes for the Harvard International Review and the Harvard Crimson. In his free time, Ike is a bartender.

Topic: DMZ Conflict

Although the Korean War in the aftermath of World War II is infamous and widely discussed, the subsequent decades--which played a pivotal role in shaping the current state of affairs on the peninsula--receives comparably little coverage. Nevertheless, this pivotal moment in history warrants attention, perhaps less for what did happen than for what could have been. While both sides contributed to a growing powder keg, the Korean Peninsula was just a spark away from becoming enflamed in a potentially devastating full blown war. Was conflict averted thanks to the sound actions of decision makers? Or were they merely lucky enough to get away with reckless behavior? Delegates will explore the answers to these and countless other questions that not hold relevance for 1976, but for today as the global community reconsiders how to approach the fraught-yet-frozen conflict that persists in the Korean Peninsula.