Government of Spain

Minister of Foreign Affairs: Josep Borrell i Fontelles


Distinguished delegates of Harvard World MUN 2019,

It is with great satisfaction that I welcome you to our country and invite you to participate in Harvard World Model United Nations 2019, which will take place in Madrid between the 18th and the 22nd of March 2019.

Since the founding of this Model United Nations conference 27 years ago, it is the very first time that a Spanish city hosts the event. More than 2500 young people from more than 120 different nationalities will gather together to put in common their talent and to develop debate forums while sharing their concerns and solutions in relation to the most pressing issues of the international agenda.

I most honestly hope for Harvard WorldMUN to become for its participants an enriching academic experience of inspirational value both personally and professionally. Change begins now and it should be leaded by the youth through intercultural platforms, with a self-driven and collaborative spirit. I am convinced that the discussions that will occur during the conference, inspired by the values of the UN Charter, its goals and principles, will contribute to this transformation.

I take advantage of this opportunity to thank the drive and commitment of this year’s Host Team, the Spanish Alliance of Model United Nations (SAMUN), for having managed to make of Madrid the selected city to host an international event of such magnitude. I am sure of the success of this initiative and thank all the participants for their presence. You make our youth realise that their home country can and should also be the axis of the internationalized world. Please receive my warmest welcome and best wishes for a fruitful conference.


Josep Borrell i Fontelles

Minister of Foreign Affairs, European Union, and Cooperation

City of Madrid

Mayor of Madrid: Manuela Carmena Castrillo


Dear delegates,

As Mayor of Madrid, it is my utmost pleasure to warmly welcome you to the XXVIII Edition of Harvard World Model United Nations, which will take place in our city in March 2019. I am proud and delighted that Madrid will be hosting such a prestigious and relevant event, and I look forward to taking part in it as well.

I am well aware that events like this have an impact on its participants and on the host city itself. I can hardly think about a better activity to engage our youth in the values of multilateralism, democratic debate, cultural exchange, initiative and engagement in world affairs. The United Nations has its roots in the intentions of making the world a better place and promoting multicultural dialogue, and I believe that an activity like WorldMUN, that seeks to replicate this mindset, is noble as well as ambitious.

Globalization has transformed national boundaries, and the threats that our societies face must be dealt with diligence through diplomatic forums, where negotiation and not imposition allow us to understand the concerns of our counterparties and guide us through achieving inclusive solutions. Model United Nations is the perfect exercise to acknowledge and train future delegations in these practices. Madrid is a true cosmopolitan city, committed to inclusiveness, multiculturalism and democratic dialogue – the same spirit that inspires WorldMUN. It also offers its visitors a unique cultural experience and the warm hospitality of Spaniards. I couldn't think of a better place to host an event like this one.

Kind regards,

Manuela Carmena Castrillo

Chancellors of Spanish Alliance of Model United Nations

Chancellor Universidad Complutense de Madrid: Carlos Andradas

Chancellor Universidad Autonoma de Madrid: Rafael Garesse

Chancellor Universidad Carlos III de Madrid: Juan Romo

Chancellor Universidad Rey Juan Carlos: Javier Ramos

Dear WorldMUN delegates,

It is with great satisfaction that we, as Chancellors of the four public universities forming the Spanish Alliance of World Model United Nations, warmly welcome you to the XXVIII Edition of Harvard World Model United Nations in Madrid.

The four MUN societies conforming SAMUN – UCMMUN, UAMIMUN, ANUDI, and ADHUE – have proved great capacity and creativity at organizing their own MUN conferences, which overall bring together at a yearly basis over 2,500 students from around the world to Madrid. This outstanding team of students is a great example of the hard work and cooperation needed to organize such a prestigious and demanding event as Harvard World Model United Nations. We have personally witnessed and celebrated their ability and success at transforming each of our campuses, for a few days, in the Headquarters of the United Nations, and at providing participants with unforgettable and enriching experiences. It is for this reason, that we can, without hesitation, express our full support and faith in the Spanish Alliance of Model United Nations, while confirming the commitment of our four Universities to their success.

We also share our gratitude in that, for the first time in WorldMUN, the initiative to host this event has come from students of the main public universities of one city, which is proof of the degree of involvement of Spanish students in the challenges that our societies face, as well as of their desire to stand up to them and offer solutions.

We truly hope that all of you are able to experience that when you visit Madrid in March 2019, also representing your home universities. Madrid is a unique city, both for its vibrant lifestyle, open mindset, and vast touristic offer, but also for its beautiful architecture, kind weather and modern public transport, making it a perfect urban platform for one of the biggest and most important youth diplomatic forums of the world.

In hopes that this experience helps you shape the way you understand the world and we wish you the best in this wonderful experience, we look forward to welcoming you in Madrid next March.

Yours sincerely,

Chancellors of SAMUN