saranya vijayakumar '18 mexican drug cartel syndicate

saranya vijayakumar '18
mexican drug cartel syndicate


Topic A: Countering the War on Drugs

The annual illegal drug trade market is worth $352 billion. While all four Leyva brothers were killed, and the US and Mexican governments have been cracking down on the drug trade in Mexico, drug cartels have continued to control Mexico’s government and society. This committee will explore the link between terrorism and the drug trade, arms trade, as well as land disputes between the different cartels. 


Saranya Vijayakumar is a junior in Lowell House at Harvard, concentrating in Computer Science and Government. Saranya is interested in Cybersecurity, and did research on encryption products at the Berkman Center at Harvard Law School. Saranya is also involved in Girls Who Code and Developers for Development, a group that provides technology for international NGOs. She also runs National Security policy for the Institute of Politics at Harvard. Saranya can’t wait to meet the delegates at WorldMUN 2017!


Topic B: Technology

Los Zetas have been using social media to attract followers and support, using graphic videos of their killings. However, the drug cartels need to cooperate to incorporate other technology into the drug trade. The rulers of the various drug cartels in Mexico need to work together to combat the War on Drugs and find new ways to smuggle, grow, and protect their supply.