- Night Zero -

Montréal Science Centre

Space Jam is the event for Night Zero at WorldMUN Montréal. It's the first social of the 26th session of WorldMUN and brings delegates to the esteemed Montréal Science Centre.

The theme, Space Jam, is based on the exhibits at the Montréal Science Centre and the widely popular 1996 film. Delegates during this event will get an opportunity to meet and mingle with the organizing team, committee chairs, and assistant chairs, and other delegates before committees formally begin the next day. And when the stars finally come out, they'll be able to enjoy some out-of-this-world music, fun, and dance!

Venue Information

Located in Montréal's Old Port, the Montréal Science Centre is the second-largest center of its kind in Canada and is built on the idea of education and self-discovery. As a venue, it offers delegates a unique social experience both in terms of location and design. 

Dress Theme: Galaxy Theme (Purple, Blue, Pink, Black, Galaxy-Patterns)