manav khandelwal '19 North Atlantic treaty organization

manav khandelwal '19
North Atlantic treaty organization


Topic A: Russia-Ukraine

One of the freshest conflicts in the world remains Russian military action in Ukraine, a former Soviet state. This conflict, which came to a head in Spring 2014 after Russia's annexation of Crimea and subsequent international outcry, has resulted in an Ukrainian economic crisis growing fears about Russian aggression. NATO has responded with military and diplomatic cooperation with countries near Russia's western border, sparking heated relations between the two sides. This committee will focus on how to proceed with Russian negotiations and whether to consider membership bids from countries that are part of Russia's strategic interest (e.g. Ukraine, Montenegro).



Manav Khandelwal is a sophomore at Harvard College likely concentrating in Statistics with a secondary field in Computer Science. Hailing from Narberth, Pennsylvania, minutes outside of Philadelphia, Manav will be serving as a committee chair in ECOSOC at WorldMUN 2017. His interests center around economic development, trade, and international relations. Outside of model UN, Manav has continued his passion for sportswriting by covering women's basketball and baseball for The Crimson. He is also a member of the Senior Investment Research team for the Harvard Financial Analyst Club and serves as a Sponsorships Associate for Illuminate Global. Additionally, Manav's hobbies include playing pick-up basketball, performing hip-hop and Bollywood dance, and watching Philadelphia sports. Manav is very excited about staffing his first model UN conference and providing a wonderful experience for all the attendees of WorldMUN 2017.


Topic B: ISIS

ISIS, the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, has emerged as the most dangerous Islamist group in the Middle East, controlling large swaths of Iraq and Syria and forcing Sharia Law upon those who reside within its territory. Recently, ISIS has taken the fight to Europe, perpetrating attacks such as the bombings in Ankara and Brussels as well as the high-profile coordinated assaults in Paris in November. NATO has failed to invoke Article 5 of the treaty, one of collective defense, despite attacks on a number of member states. The United States, the coalition's leading member, has become involved militarily in the campaign to stop ISIS, but this committee will focus on whether or not NATO should become involved and to what extent.