KAILASH SUNDARAM '19 office on drugs and crume unodc@worldmun.org

office on drugs and crume unodc@worldmun.org


Kailash Sundaram is a fourth-year student at Harvard University concentrating in Social Studies, with a secondary in Computer Science. Born in the Chicago suburbs, Kailash grew up in Silicon Valley and now lives just forty minutes north of Boston. Although this will be Kailash’s first Model UN experience, he has significant experience with government simulation conferences — Kailash previously served on the board of Harvard Model Congress San Francisco and has also participated in Harvard Model Congress Boston and Dubai. In his free time, Kailash can be found rooting for the San Francisco Giants (huge baseball fan), playing squash (poorly), or fanboying over DJ Khaled (“We the best”). Kailash can’t wait to meet all of you in Madrid!

Topic: Latin American Drug Trafficking

This year the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) will be considering the topic of drug trafficking in Latin America. In recent times, headlines about the violence and destabilization in countries such as Mexico, Columbia, and Peru have circulated in global headlines. The work of this committee is to understand the historical, social, political, and economic factors that work to promote drug trafficking in Latin America. We still take a comprehensive view to understand the different economic patterns, drugs trafficked, trade routes, and illegitimate governing structures that protect drug traffickers. After establishing a solid understanding of the issue, we will think of viable solutions to abate the problem of drug trafficking in Latin America. Members participating in this committee should expect to develop a more complete understanding about why drug trafficking is difficult to deal with, and the threats that drug trafficking pose to legitimate governments.