chi chi nwodoh '19   office on drugs and crume

chi chi nwodoh '19
office on drugs and crume


Chi Chi Nwodoh is a senior at Harvard College studying Chemistry and completing a minor in English Literature. Chi Chi is passionate about health policy, and is excited to bring her interests in improving health to WorldMUN. Previously, Chi Chi has chaired the Commission on Narcotic Drugs Committee at WorldMUN 2018, and the African Union Committee at WorldMUN 2017. Chi Chi has also been involved in running HNMUN and GCMUN. She is also a member of WISHR, a group that promotes community among women in STEM at Harvard, and teaches sciences lessons at the Harvard Ed Portal. In her free time, you can catch her reading a book, finding where she will travel next, or browsing YouTube look at the newest skincare or makeup trends. WorldMUN 2017 was Chi Chi’s first true Model UN experience, and she has fallen in love with it ever since. She too hopes you all will have a fabulous time at WorldMUN 2019 whether it is your first Model UN conference or your twentieth!

Topic: Latin American Drug Trafficking

This year the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) will be considering the topic of drug trafficking in Latin America. In recent times, headlines about the violence and destabilization in countries such as Mexico, Columbia, and Peru have circulated in global headlines. The work of this committee is to understand the historical, social, political, and economic factors that work to promote drug trafficking in Latin America. We still take a comprehensive view to understand the different economic patterns, drugs trafficked, trade routes, and illegitimate governing structures that protect drug traffickers. After establishing a solid understanding of the issue, we will think of viable solutions to abate the problem of drug trafficking in Latin America. Members participating in this committee should expect to develop a more complete understanding about why drug trafficking is difficult to deal with, and the threats that drug trafficking pose to legitimate governments.