esteban flores '20   organization of american states

esteban flores '20
organization of american states



Esteban Flores is a sophomore at Harvard University who is originally from the southern tip of Texas along the US-Mexico border. As someone who is passionate about Latin American politics and international relations, directing the Organization of American States committee at WorldMUN 2018 is the perfect fit for him. At Harvard, Esteban primarily participates and contributes to WorldMUN, HMUN, the Harvard International Review, and Harvard Model Congress, however he is also very interested in physics and philosophy and is considering a joint concentration in those two subjects with a focus on philosophy of quantum mechanics. In his free time, Esteban referees basketball, soccer, volleyball, and baseball and enjoys going out to eat at the many restaurants around Cambridge.

Topic: Regional Integration

In 2001, Western Hemisphere leaders such as President George W. Bush gathered to negotiate the creation of a free trade agreement; in response, 20,000 protesters—from labor union members to Greenpeace representatives— gathered together in perhaps the largest anti-globalization demonstration of the century. Despite these protests, one cannot ignore the intent of the trade deal which was to strengthen the economies of the Americas and promote interregional cooperation. In our committee, we will take the trade deal even further and debate the creation of a supranational union for the Americas, using existing structures within the Organization of American States, that will be similar to the European Union. The time for these types of discussions is now. Currently, American nations are suffering from inflation as high as 300%. Labor law violations have led to child labor or abuse of women in factories. The world’s most biodiverse forests are being burnt, and illegal dumping is polluting drinking water sources. Mass immigration to North America is occurring and fueling the human trafficking industry. Human rights and democracy abuses are occurring in nations a few borders away. This committee will discuss all these issues and more during negotiations for the creation of the organization. Specifically, we will discuss a common currency for the Americas, visa free travel, environmental and consumer protection, human rights and democracy abuses, and multilateral defense. In the end, we will create treaty that spells out our vision for the Americas.