Position Papers

Position papers are the sole pre-conference assignment for delegates, and serve as a useful means of preparing yourself for conference. Position papers should be written double-spaced, in 12-point font, and 2-4 pages in length. Your position paper should address three primary concerns:

  • The topic: restate the topic in your own words and identify the pressing issues that the committee must address.

  • Your stance: give your country’s position on the issue at hand. If you are inferring your country’s view based on some of the factor’s listed above, cite how your position is consistent with those factors.

  • The solutions: propose some solutions that you would like to see discussed during committee. Superior papers will weigh the pros, cons, and limitations of different solutions to the committee topic. When writing your position paper, do not use the first person pronouns “I, we, etc.” Instead, use “The Delegation of …” when expressing your country’s position and opinions.

Position papers should be submitted via MyMUN by March 1 at 11:59 EST*. If for any reason you have trouble uploading your paper, you can email a copy to your chair to ensure timely submission. Only delegates who submit original position papers that do not have plagiarized content will be considered for diplomacy awards.

*Position papers for UNHRC and UNODC will be due on March 10 due to background guide delays.