- Rave -


80s Après-Ski is the Rave event for WorldMUN 2017. It is the fifth social of the 26th session of WorldMUN and delivers delegates to the dynamic Métropolis.

The theme, Après-Ski is known broadly as the nightlife and social activities that come after a day of skiing. It usually involves skiers enjoying nightclubs and bars while still dressed in their ski gear. This combined with the trends of the funky and unique ski fashion of the 1980s beckons for a night of outrageous and popular partying.

Venue Information

Located right in the center of downtown Montréal, Métropolis is a performance arts center that has evolved throughout the ages. Today it is ranked as one of the world's 100 best rock concert venues and the 9th most popular club venue worldwide in 2011 (according to ticket sales). With this much fame, Métropolis is bound to provide delegates with an insanely entertaining night. 

Dress Theme: Ski Theme (Flashy, Bright Colors, Ski Gear, 80s Attire!)