Priority Registration I: August 15th - September 15th

Priority Registration II: September 16th - October 15th

Regular Registration: October 16th - November 30th*


General Instructions

To consider registration complete: 1) submit application for delegation, 2) wait for application decision and if accepted, 3) complete payments*. 

* WorldMUN accepts payments on a case-by-case basis. Early submission is highly encouraged to avoid troubleshooting near deadlines.


Further Instructions

Delegations who have completed registration before each registration period will get priority on country assignments. To consider registration complete, each delegation/delegate must 1) submit their application, 2) have their application accepted, and 3) complete payment in full. 

The final deadline for payment for regular registration is November 30th. Country assignments will be made to delegations/delegates who complete payment early.

Please note that for delegations, in order for payment to be considered complete, the delegation fee and delegate fees (each delegate in a delegation must pay the delegate fee, including the Head Delegate) must pay. Individual delegates must also pay their delegate fees to confirm their spot with WorldMUN. Without payment, spots in WorldMUN are not confirmed and even delegates and delegations whose applications have been accepted may not be able to attend conference if space fills up.



Contact: Judy Yang,