saranya vijayakumar '18   united nations security council

saranya vijayakumar '18
united nations security council



Saranya Vijayakumar is a junior in Lowell House at Harvard, concentrating in Computer Science and Government. Saranya is interested in Cybersecurity, and did research on encryption products at the Berkman Center at Harvard Law School, as well as network defense research for Microsoft. Saranya is also involved in Girls Who Code and Developers for Development, a group that provides technology for international NGOs. She also ran National Security policy for the Institute of Politics at Harvard and serves as a board member for the Harvard Art Museums. Saranya can’t wait to meet the delegates at WorldMUN 2018!

Topic: Cybersecurity

All public and private entities face a growing threat of malicious cyber activity. However, government networks are targets for criminals and state-commissioned espionage alike. Cybersecurity of defense systems is therefore increasingly a national policy priority for governments. According to a 2011 Norton study, threats to cyberspace afflict 431 million adult victims globally, equivalent to one million cybercrime victims every day. How can the nations that are a part of the UNSC share information safely and effectively? How can they protect their networks from attack?There are three important aspects to cyber attacks: defense, attribution, and response. In this committee, delegates will write resolutions to protect the defense and critical infrastructure systems of their countries, as well as cooperate and share resources and information with allies. They will need to be proactive in their defensive measures, as adversaries will always get smarter. The UNSC will need to creat a set of standards and regulations to ensure that every country is properly protecting its intelligence and infrastructure. Cybersecurity is a global issue demanding a global approach. The UN is in a unique and powerful position to address these pressing issues.