luis viceira '20 Council of Advisors to King Juan Carlos I, 1975

luis viceira '20
Council of Advisors to King Juan Carlos I, 1975


Luis Viceira is a third-year student in Eliot house who concentrates in Applied Math with a focus in economics and a potential secondary in government. In his free time, he enjoys being outdoors, whether playing soccer, skiing, hiking, or giving campus tours. Though born and raised in Boston, he also feels at home in Spain where his extended family resides. He is part of ICMUN, Harvard’s competitive Model UN team, but is particularly excited to return to Madrid for his first WorldMUN conference!

Topic: Spain's Governmental Transition, 1975

For nearly forty years following the Spanish Civil War, Franco ruled Spain through a military dictatorship, first massacring and then punishing his political opposition. Despite limited liberalization during the regime’s last years, repression remained the norm until Franco’s death in 1975. His death marked the beginning of a new era for Spain; however, this transition could only occur once politicians answered the “critical question of whether to pursue continuity, reform, or ‘ruptura.’” The initial decision of democratic reform, taken by Franco’s successor – the king – Juan Carlos I, led to successful elections, a draft of the Constitution, and a democratically elected government — made up by the members of this committee. These members will need to make their own decision as to whether to pursue continuity, reform, or ruptura as they seek to bring success to Spain in spite of increasing tensions surrounding regional autonomy, the role of religion in the state, civil-military relations, and much more.