Travel Options

Air Travel


Iberia Airlines


Iberia Airlines is pleased to be the Official Airline Network for Harvard World Model United Nations 2019. 

To obtain the exclusive WorldMUN discount on Copa flights, use the booking code WORLDMUN2019.

Registered participants  traveling to the event can qualify for a 10% discount, with the code.

The offer is open to flights within the date range of March 11 - March 29, 2019, and the final day to use the code when booking is March 22, 2019.


Ground Transportation



RENFE has agreed to give a 30% discount for both regular and high speed trains to WorldMUN's participants.

Discounts are valid for trains to and from Madrid between March 16 and March 24.

If you want to use this special discount, please write an e-mail to to receive an individual code that will grant you access to the discount.

To use the discount, you will need to follow these instructions:

  1. Email the Logistics Team at with the Topic "RENFE" requesting the Authorization number.

  2. Once you receive it, go to and select the city of departure and arrival (Madrid)

  3. Click on the right side of the screen where you will see the text "más opciones de compra" ("more purchase options")

  4. Select the train that you wish to buy

  5. Now that you have selected your train, within the options available on the list called "tarifas y descuentos disponibles," select "congresos y ferias"

  6. You will find an empty box where you will have to write the authorization number that the WorldMUN Team has sent you.

  7. Do not forget to print or download on your phone the discount document  and show it to the RENFE Staff. If you forget to do so, the discount will not be valid.


Relative to recent host countries, Spain has very inclusive travel policies that will allow many WorldMUN delegates to attend conference without a visa! In order to determine if you require a visa to visit Spain, please check your eligibility at the following link

If the website determines that you need a visa, please follow the appropriate instructions on this form (also below) after you are fully registered and paid for the conference. If necessary, you should fill this form out before approaching or contacting the Spanish Consulate in your country.

In the form, please be prepared to include the following information: legal name, date of birth, passport number, passport country of origin, and country of residence (country in which you will be requesting the visa).

If granted a visa support letter, you may go to the Spanish Consulate in your country to request your visa. Visas may take up to 60 days for processing, so please allow ample time to obtain the visa so that you may attend conference. We recommend that the latest time to get your visa if necessary is in late December or early January.