tony chen '18 united nations cultural, educational, and social organization

tony chen '18
united nations cultural, educational, and social organization

Tony Chen is a senior at Harvard College studying Statistics with a secondary in Psychology. He was born in Dallas, raised in Chicago, and is presently living in Princeton, NJ. His experience with Model UN dates back to freshman year of high school, where he only signed up for MUN because the booth at the club fair was alphabetically next to the Math Team. It has been nearly six years and over twenty conferences both as a delegate and as a staffer on the high school and college circuits, including as USG Operations for HNMUN-LA 2017! Outside of MUN, Tony is an amateur chef (scrambled eggs are my speciality), professional Netflixer (kung fu movies only), and wannabe GoPro hero.

Topic: Protection of World Heritage Sites

Terrorism, especially ISIS in the Middle East, is causing a rapid deterioration or even outright destruction of many UNESCO World Heritage Sites. In addition, climate change including acid rain and rising sea levels are becoming a looming threat. This committee will explore how to properly ensure the protection of UNESCO World Heritage Sites discussing all of these dangers and how to properly implement a global solution to individualized problems. The massive disparities between countries and the resources they are able to allocate to protection will create interesting debate and give delegates a new perspective on this issue.