Flavia Cuervo '18 United Nations Human Rights Council

Flavia Cuervo '18
United Nations Human Rights Council



Flavia Cuervo is a senior at Harvard University concentrating in Economics with a secondary in Romance Studies focusing on Spanish. She was born in Cuba and moved to Miami at the age of three where she now lives. On campus, she is a calculus course assistant and teaches students twice a week. She started participating in MUN conferences her freshman year and this conference will be her tenth. She has been Legal Committee Director for Harvard Model United Nations 2016, Director of Administration for Harvard National Model United Nations 2016, USG Media and Design for WorldMUN 2016, UNHCR Director for HMUN India 2016, and UNHRC Chair for WorldMUN 2017. She is passionate about politics and policy and is excited to see these issues being discussed on an international stage.

Topic: Urban Displacement

The issue of urban displacement is a one that no longer only affects large, develop metropolises. More than before, small cities in developing nations are also suffering the effects of urban renewal and the displacement that comes when it is done poorly. And what makes this a human rights issue? Gentrification is oftentimes regarded positively for reviving neighborhoods and decreasing crime rates. But the reality is that in order to make room for high-end developments like luxury apartments and shopping malls, poor people living in these neighborhoods have to be displaced—sometimes forcibly. Those who are forced to leave their homes often can’t afford comparable housing and face diminished living conditions. The UNHRC’s mandate provides a forum for discussion about the issue that silently violates human rights.