NICK ABBOTT '18 united nations security council

united nations security council


Topic A: Burundi

The crackdown on political opposition by the Burundi government has expanded to include the persecution of opponents to the government. This has led to refugees pouring across borders into Rwanda, Tanzania, and the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Meanwhile, violent militias have developed an increased presence throughout the country, prompting the African Union and UNSC to propose sending in peacekeepers, overtures that the Burundi government has thus far rejected. The Imbonerakure -- the youth wing of the President's political party -- falls somewhere in between the ruling government and the militias as a group that has been characterized as armed, militarized, and powerful by international observers. On the one hand, the Security Council must be diligent not let Burundi become, as many have forbade, the 'next Rwanda.' On the other hand, the Council must be wary of the wary of the precedent it sets in this case in regard to the use of force and respect for national sovereignty.



Nick Abbott is a junior in Adams House at Harvard, concentrating in Social Studies with a focus on inequality in contemporary urban America. In particular, Nick is interested in the interactions between housing, criminal justice, and development policies in the modern American city. Nick is an active member of the model UN community at Harvard, both as a staff member and as a delegate. Nick has served as a senior staff member for the HNMUN, HMUN India, and WorldMUN conferences, leading committees on topics ranging from the Iran-Iraq War to narcotic drug control to ongoing corruption within the FIFA Executive Council, and is the Under-Secretary General for the Specialized Agencies at HMUN 2017. In addition, Nick is an active competitor on the college circuit with Harvard's competitive team, ICMUN. When he is not at a model UN conference, Nick can be found streaming soccer matches on his computer, clad in one of his many jerseys. He is also a veteran of several political campaigns, a passion he hopes to continue to pursue after college. Nick cannot wait for WorldMUN 2017 to be here and to welcome delegates to the Olympics of Model UN!


Topic B: Boko Haram

While the hashtag #BringBackOurGirls may have faded from social media, the threat that Boko Haram poses to African regional security has not. As a transnational terrorist group that has allied with ISIS and other terrorist networks, Boko Haram poses a significant threat to the security of African states throughout the continent. Given recent developments in which girls who have been kidnapped by Boko Haram have been indoctrinated or coerced into being suicide bombers, the security and human rights implications of Boko Haram's activities are vast and warrant attention from the Security Council.