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Stephanie Cheng '20
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Stephanie is a sophomore at Harvard studying Biomedical Engineering. Stephanie was born in California, but was raised in Taipei, Taiwan and has grown to love and become familiar with the Southeast Asian region. Stephanie loves graphic design and was USG Media & Design for WorldMUN 2018 in Panama! Aside from design, Stephanie loves watching and playing touch rugby, hiking, binge watching TV shows, and exploring cities. After an amazing first WorldMUN experience, Stephanie will return to WorldMUN 2019 as a chair -- she is very excited to meet you all and stay a part of the WorldMUN family!

Topic: Health Effects of Genetically Modified Foods

As defined by the WHO, genetically modified organisms (GMOs) are organisms that have undergone alterations in genetic material in ways that do not occur naturally. In other words, with modern technology, individual genes can be transferred specifically between organisms. The GMOs that will be specifically addressed are genetically modified foods. The use, development, and marketing of genetically modified foods has been and is an ongoing topic of debate. Proponents of GM foods believe that they are generally safe and are a necessity for feeding the large growing populations under changing climate circumstances. Some benefits of GM foods include lowered prices of food, reduced use of pesticides, and hope for combating world hunger. However, skeptics argue that the safety of consuming GM foods should be investigated more stringently and taken more seriously. According to Scientific American, only about one-tenth of the world’s cropland grows GM foods which indicates that reserves are still strongly held against the approval of GM foods by governments and nations. Although certain regulations have been enforced, concerns about the validity of food risk assessments still remain relevant. In what ways are GM foods beneficial or harmful? Do the benefits outweigh the harms or vice versa? How can regulations be set in place for food safety assessments nationally and internationally? How should issues about the traceability and labelling of GM foods for marketing purposes be addressed? These are a few of the many aspects that need to be addressed regarding the future outlook of GM foods.