raj gambhir '21 Bandung Conference

raj gambhir '21
Bandung Conference


Raj Gambhir

Who the heck are you? My name is Raj Gambhir, a junior at Harvard studying Social Studies with a citation in Modern Standard Mandarin. I'm originally from sunny Southern California and am very proud of my Sikh heritage.

What are your favorite hobbies? I love to read books and listen to podcasts about history, philosophy, and current events. I also love baking, sprinting to class with only seconds to spare, and having wholesome times with friends.

Why WorldMUN? Because it's such a lovely community and an unbeatable opportunity to meet some of the most extraordinary young minds from around the world!

Topic: Bandung Conference

Following the wave of decolonization that followed the Second World War, representatives from twenty-nine young states convened in Bandung, Indonesia from April 18th to the 24th. This event, formally known as the Konferensi Asia-Africa but more commonly referred to as the Bandung Conference brought together members of state representing the majority of the world’s population. With the global Cold War now raging, those recently colonized nations recognized the precarious position they found themselves in: submit to Western imperialism or fall to the yoke of Soviet domination? Those assembled opted for a third way. Although it would be another six years until the Non-Aligned Movement formally came into being, this first meeting of the decolonized powers laid the groundwork, irrevocably altering the course of the Cold War and giving rise to the world we now inhabit.