Cayanne Chachati ‘20 commission on crime prevention and criminal justice

Cayanne Chachati ‘20
commission on crime prevention and criminal justice



Cayanne Chachati

Where are you from? Syria! I lived there until I was 14 then moved to Lebanon to finish high school 
What are your interests? Playing basketball, reading books, traveling and spending time with friends and family
What do you study? I'm a rising senior at Harvard studying Government (aka Political Science) with a minor in Psychology. I've focused most of my research on Middle Eastern politics, specifically the Axis of Resistance (Hezbollah-Iran-Syria), and spent the majority of my time out of class working on the integration and well being of immigrants and refugees. 
Favorite TV shows? Jane the Virgin, the 100's, How to Get Away with Murder. 

Topic: Psychology and the Criminal Justice System

This committee will explore the intersection between the criminal justice system and psychology. Ultimately, the committee will use this lens to investigate crime prevention and the creation of a more just criminal justice system. More specifically, this committee will first explore and debate the role of psychology in the courtroom. To what extent should eyewitness testimonies be used in the courtroom? And, to what extent and in what ways should mental health be accounted for during sentencing? To determine this, the committee will address the meaning and extent of human agency. The committee will also investigate the psychological impacts of the current criminal justice system, namely the use of solitary confinement, and its effects on aggression. This discussion will highlight the different criminal justice systems worldwide and their resulting impacts. Finally, the committee will investigate the ways in which mental health professionals and the field of psychology more broadly can be incorporated in crime prevention.