Diplomacy (də-ˈplō-mə-sē) noun. 1. the art of dealing with people in a sensitive and effective way.

Unlike most other Model United Nation conferences, WorldMUN does not give out "Best Delegate" awards. Instead, delegates receive Diplomacy Awards. The field of international relations and global affairs does not require individuals to be the "best" at passing resolutions or pushing their values, but rather, asks for the elegant handling of relationships and partnerships. This is why at WorldMUN, we firmly believe that in order to be most effective global leaders, delegates should not strive to be the "Best Delegate" but instead the most diplomatic. They should seek to empathize, to understand, and to collaborate with their fellow members to produce the most positive change and advancement they can.

With this in mind, WorldMUN outlines some of the qualities of Diplomacy and those deserving of Diplomacy awards as follows: 

  • Kindness and Good Character

  • Empathy

  • Collaboration, Togetherness, and Teamwork

  • Passion and Drive

  • Charismatic Leadership

  • Positivity and Engagement with People, Policies, and Issues

  • and More

WorldMUN is not, and has never been, just another conference on the circuit to win an award. Instead, it is a global exchange and experience that aims to help delegates grow as individuals and engage with the world around them.