luis viceira '20 Poland’s Solidarity Movement, 1980

luis viceira '20
Poland’s Solidarity Movement, 1980


Luis Viceira

Hometown: Boston (though all of my extended family lives in Portugal and Spain!)
Academics: I am a fourth-year student studying Applied Mathematics with a focus in Economics and a secondary in Government.
MUN Experience: I am a member of Harvard’s MUN team and have directed or staffed committees at HNMUN, HNMUN-LA, and WorldMUN. I loved directing at WorldMUN in Madrid last year and am very excited about directing once again at WorldMUN in Tokyo!
Activities: In addition to MUN, I enjoy playing and watching soccer, advising first-years as a Peer Advising Fellow, and being outdoors — whether hiking, swimming, or skiing.
Favorite WorldMUN memories: Talking to King Felipe VI, getting to know delegates in and out of committee, and watching delegates perform at Cabaret!

Topic: Poland’s Solidarity Movement, 1980

Two great superpowers—the US and the Soviet Union—remain deadlocked in a struggle for supremacy, a war without direct confrontation yet with potential for absolute destruction. Between these two superpowers is a buffer, the Soviet satellite states in Central and Eastern Europe. Since the end of WWII and the Soviets’ subsequent imposition of communism, these satellite states have only rarely experienced outspoken opposition to the Soviets, and when they have, the Soviets and Warsaw Pact signatories quickly invade and crush any resistance. However, in Poland, the people are beginning to realize their power after millions attended the parade for the Polish Pope, John Paul the II, in 1978. Two years later, workers and heads of factories meet in Lenin’s shipyard to organize widespread strikes and a coordinated demand for labor rights and independent trade unions. These workers would come to be the founders of the Solidarity movement, which would seize Poland by storm and hold the world rapt. Now you, as one of these founders, can determine the fate of this movement, of Poland, and of a titanic struggle between superpowers—just beware, lest you be crushed in the process.