Tokyo is not only a center of economic activity and educational achievement; it is also a wellspring of arts and culture, showcasing world-renowned cuisine, exquisitely colorful festivals, beautiful renditions of Japanese drama and dozens of different museums. Entertainment is omnipresent in the city, where a collection of the vibrant nightlife and a fervor behind cinematography, anime, manga, and other elements of Japanese pop culture create the experience of a lifetime. 

From the architecture that retraces its fascinating history to the technology that places it among the most creative cities of the world, Tokyo is ultimately endowed with a unique blend of tradition and innovation which makes it the perfect fit for a conference such as WorldMUN, which both strives to celebrate and share the heritage and culture of delegates from all around the world, as well as bring them together to design innovative solutions to the most pressing problems of our future. 

Finally, the international importance which Tokyo carries is a reflection of its cherished commitment to multiculturalism, international cooperation, and cultural exchange, and we could not be more excited to reaffirm this commitment once more by offering our delegates the opportunity to travel to such a magical city.