68 countries have visa exemption from Japan! In order to determine if your country is visa-exempt, visit the following link

If, however, your country is not on the visa-exempt list, not to worry—the chart to the right summarizes the general process for acquiring a visa. And the instructions below indicate what steps you need to take:

  1. At this link, under the “Short-Term Stay” section of “Visa Application Procedures”, simply click on the colored button that corresponds to your country.

  2. Then, download the PDF which outlines application instructions for single-entry visas from your country.

    1. Prepare the documents outlined in the “tourism” column under the “provided by visa applicant” section of this PDF. These will typically include a valid passport, your visa application form, a passport size photo, a confirmation slip to prove your reservation of an air or ship boarding ticket, and potentially other documents that are country-specific.

    2. WorldMUN itself will also typically need to provide certain documents on your behalf, including in most cases an “Invitation Letter” and an “Itinerary in Japan” sheet. For us to have all the necessary information for these documents, please fill out the Visa Request Information Form found by clicking the button below.

  3. Finally, remember to ultimately refer to your consulate's office when completing this procedure. Since there is so much variation from country to country, this instructions list may not account for all of your country’s requirements, and referring to the consulate is the safest way to ensure your visa application goes as smoothly as possible.

Travel Options

Air Travel



  1. Email with the subject line “Request for Air France-KLM Discount Code”. Make sure you are registered for the conference before doing so! Only registered delegates will have access to the code.

  2. Visit Air France-KLM's Global Meetings page, enter the WorldMUN code, et book your flight with discounts up to 15%.

  3. Note that WorldMUN attendees who would like to make use of these discounted fares can fly in as from 7 days before the start of the event and can extend their stay as well with a maximum of 7 days after the last day of the event!