Prasidh Chhabria ‘22 united nations security council

Prasidh Chhabria ‘22
united nations security council


Prasidh Chhabria

A bit about yourself? I'm a sophomore in Eliot House, studying Applied Mathematics and Chemistry. I was born in sunny California and moved to (sunnier?) Mumbai, India for high school.
Why MUN? Through high school, I attended conferences around the world - from India to Singapore and the Netherlands - and met people with the most remarkably diverse narratives and backgrounds. They truly changed my perspective on issues at both a local and global scale.
Hobbies? A concert pianist by training, I love exploring Impressionist music and improvising; back home, I enjoy teaching young pianists. On weekends, you can find me dancing with Harvard Bhangra!
Why WorldMUN? At Harvard, I've been lucky to have some enlightening conversations about pressing contemporary issues. I think there's no better way to take these conversations around the world than WorldMUN. A city boy through and through, I'm excited to be in Tokyo, one of my favorite cities!

Topic: Conflict in Kashmir

The region of Jammu and Kashmir is a region of historical and ongoing conflict between India and Pakistan. With the airstrikes and terrorist attacks in the region in 2019, the countries were nearly at the brink of war. Simultaneously, India and Pakistan have each recently elected new governments. These political pressures lead to domestic tensions within India and Pakistan as each nation grapples with violent and non-violent alternatives to approaching the territorial conflict at its climax. The United Nations Security Council must step in as these nations each suffer a barrage of reliatory air strikes and help decide the fate of Kashmir.