Anirudh Suresh  Secretary-General

Anirudh Suresh

Year: Fourth-year (senior)
Hometown: Houston, deep in the heart of Texas
Concentration: Math & Computer Science
Favorite book: Midnight’s Children
Biggest fear: frogs
Why WorldMUN? I joined WorldMUN freshman year as a green youth in the titanic world of college Model United Nations mostly owing to my interest in facilitating intercultural learning and interaction. Two years later, I can proudly attribute my increased commitment to this conference and its mission to the immense impact that I’ve seen WorldMUN have on its delegates, host community, and staff. WorldMUN is truly one-of-a-kind as an educational and intercultural experience, and I can’t wait for conference in March 2020!
Past WorldMUN highlight: Getting to personally connect with delegates in committee sessions 6 in Panama and Madrid
Do you have a favorite WorldMUN idiom or saying? For sharks


Bushra Hamid
USG for the Economic and Social Council & Regional Bodies

Year: Upcoming senior
Field of Study: Psychology with a secondary in Government
Salient Identities: Muslim, American, Arab, Student, Woman
Prior Experiences: WORLDMUN Madrid CSTD Chair on Blockchain, HMUN India 2019 CSW Director, HMUN Harvard AD
Quote to Live By: ‘Be like the flower that gives its fragrance to even the hand that crushes it.’
Other Things I Do on Campus: Winthrop House resident, Harvard Undergraduate Blockchain Group, The Seneca, Inc., Harvard Islamic Society
Best accomplishments: Good daughter, sister, friend, student, director.


Ramiz Razzak
USG for Delegate & Faculty Relations

Field of study: I'm a freshman at Harvard studying Applied Math and Economics. I'm especially interested in monetary policy and the field of political economy. 
Hometown: A beautiful suburb of Montreal, Canada.
Favorite hobbies: I love spending time with friends, discovering new music, and exploring the city in search of new coffee shops. 
Other interests at Harvard: Asides from WorldMUN, I work for a venture capital firm in Boston. I'm also a member of Harvard's Fed Challenge team and the daily newspaper's business board. 
Favorite WorldMUN memory: Global Village in Panama City! 
What I'm most excited about: Seeing delegates thrive throughout the conference. I still look back fondly on the memories I made with friends in Panama, so I'm hoping that we'll be able to put up a conference that all delegates will enjoy just as much.

Esteban Flores  Director-general

Esteban Flores

Hometown: Edinburg, Texas
Academics: I am a fourth-year (senior) at Harvard majoring in Philosophy. I hope to attend law school and practice international law. 
MUN Experience: Having been raised in the Rio Grande Valley—a community in South Texas along the US-Mexican border—issues of regional cooperation and integration have always been important to me. My sophomore year I served as the chair for the Organization of American States for WorldMUN Panama, and this past year I served as the Under-Secretary-General for the Economic and Social Council and Regional Bodies for WorldMUN Madrid. I also serve as the current Secretary General of Harvard Model United Nations, a conference of 3500 high school students.
Favorite Hobbies: In my free time, I enjoy reading Kant’s Groundwork and being a referee for Harvard intramural sports.
Past WorldMUN highlight: Seeing the delegates crush it every year at Cabaret!


Roshni Chakraborty
USG for Crisis and Historical Committees

Year: Junior
Major: Social Studies, with a minor in Global Health and Health Policy
Hometown: Calcutta, India
What do you do on campus? I intend to pursue humanitarian work in the future, particularly with women and conflict zones. To that end, I lead the Harvard Undergraduate Legal Committee and work with refugees and women who have survived gender-based violence. I also work as a Teaching Fellow for American Policy and as a Research Assistant.
Why MUN? I have been doing Model UN since I arrived on campus and have found a home in the WorldMUN community. 
Favorite place: The buffet line at an Indian wedding.
Advice for delegates: You will meet incredible people at WorldMUN and this conference has the potential to change your life. Put yourself out there and good things will happen!


Pedro Farias
USG for Finance & Operations

Home town: Brasília, 🇧🇷
Academics: I am a fourth-year (feeling old) student studying Applied Mathematics in Economics with a secondary in Computer Science and a citation in German.
MUN Experience: Although this is my first WorldMUN, I'm way too into Model UN. I'm the President of the Harvard International Relations Council and have been an Under-Secretary General for Havard Model UN and directed in conferences in Brazil, Peru, India, the Dominican Republic, and the US. I also compete on Harvard's MUN traveling team.
Other Activities: I was President of the Brazil Conference, a conference that brought together several important Brazilians and Americans.
Favorite Hobbies: I love discussing and learning more about finance and equity capital markets, traveling, and binge-watching Netflix.

Katie Sakys
USG for the General Assembly

Why MUN? I can’t do much ocean activity in Boston, given the freezing winters that realistically last until May, so I’ve turned my passions towards international relations. I am majoring in economics, where I engage frequently with issues pertaining to international relations, and am earning a minor in the history of art and architecture. Being from Hawaiʻi and living at the crossroads of America and East Asia, I have a particular interest in trans-Pacific interactions as well as indigenous Pacific art. I am also an active member of Harvard’s Model UN community, serving as an Under-Secretary-General and several-times-director for Harvard’s many MUN conferences.
What are your other hobbies at Harvard? I enjoy spending my time volunteering as tutor, coaching a competitive youth club swim team, pretending I’m not a snake (I promise I’m not a snake) with the Harvard College Consulting Group, and engaging in various Native Hawaiian cultural activities.


Adil Bhatia
USG for Administration

Hometown: Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Major: Applied Math
MUN Experience: I didn’t do MUN before college, but I have since been part of conferences run in Boston and India in both administrative and substantive capacities.
Other things I like to do at Harvard: I’m part of a student-run hedge fund on campus, so I like to follow news about the financial markets. In the past, I have also been part of Harvard Scholars at Risk, a program that provides fellowships to persecuted scholars from around the world
Favorite Hobbies: Playing/watching soccer (and beating Ani at FIFA), running in the rain, and trying new cuisines.
Favorite TV show: Game of Thrones, but I haven’t seen the new season yet, so don’t spoil it please!!
Superpower of choice: Teleportation so I can finally make it to 9 am classes. 


Youmna Chamieh
USG for Media & Design

Hometown: Paris, France
Hobbies: Singing, dancing, listening to music, making music, going on long walks, traveling to new places, building igloos, and playing Mario Kart (slightly ashamed but also not really).
Best WorldMUN memory: Hitting the “5, 4, 3 2 1 let’s go” portion of our Cabaret choreography. 
Favorite book: The Unbearable Lightness of Being by Milan Kundera.
Why WorldMUN? I joined this group my first year at Harvard, and have made some extremely meaningful friendships within it. After Madrid, I can add that I have seen the impact of WorldMUN not only on the Harvard team, but also on the delegates, staff, and host community. The mission of this conference, its ability to empower those who participate in it, and its commitment to the ideals of international solidarity are all things that I hold very close to my heart. 


Jiaqi Liu
Host Team President

Jiaqi is an international student from China. She is fluent in Chinese, Japanese and English. Jiaqi Started to take part in MUN at her high school. She has participated in over 25 MUN conferences in and outside of Japan; 4 times as the Dais member. She participated as a delegate in WorldMUN 2018 Panama and as the Head Delegate in WorldMUN 2019 in Madrid. Her leadership and passion inspire our team members and bring everyone together. Her communication skills have also been key to winning every sponsor. Hosting WorldMUN in Tokyo is a big dream for her, and she is ready to make her best endeavor to make an unforgettable WorldMUN Tokyo 2020.

Yuno Fukatsu
Host Team vice president

Yuno is co- founder of the MUN society in her high school and spends a considerable portion of her time at college involved in MUN. She has taken part in MUN conferences more than 20 times, including WorldMUN 2019 as a delegate. Her leadership qualities were so highly regarded that she was chosen as the top student of those participating in the Japan Society Junior Fellows Leadership program in 2017, as well as the being a member of the Japan-America Student Council in 2019. She has poured energy into volunteer work in Thailand since 2016 and participated in an internship at an upcoming online media franchise in Japan. She is eager to welcome WorldMUN 2020 to Tokyo.

Yusuke Takagi
Director of finance and fundraising

Yusuke is a core member of MUN activities in Japan and has participated in MUN conferences more than 40 times, including WorldMUN 2017 DISEC as a delegate and WorldMUN 2018 DISEC as a Head Delegate. He is keen to promote MUN activity not only amongst college students but also to high school students and working adults. He has given about 30 seminars over the past two years as a member of the JMUN Office. He has also been financial director of the Japan Model United Nations Office for two years. A very large- hearted person and his key role is to makes our team the best it can be.

aomi Nakamura
director of logistics

Aomi was the Vice President and Director of Logistics at her college MUN society in 2017. Her diligence brought one of the largest conferences in Japan to a successful conclusion during her role as an assistant chair in 2018, and she has participated in many MUN conferences including WorldMUN 2018 for these four years. Having just returned from a five-month exchange program in France, she deeply values multiculturalism. She is ready to provide our delegates a best condition during their staying.


kana baba
assistant DiRECTOR of public relations

Kana is one of the core members of the JMUN and was the President of her college MUN society in 2018 as well. She has been a two-time Assistant Chair in large conferences in Japan. Having participated in more than 20 MUN conferences as a delegate including WorldMUN 2019, her communication and negotiation skills are excellent. She also has a profound knowledge of Japanese calligraphy. Her interest in international communication and dedication makes her a valued member of our team. She. Will serve as a member of the Public Relation Team.

sakiko umetani  Director of volunteers and services

sakiko umetani
Director of volunteers and services

As a talented and passionate communicator with a sunny disposition, Sakiko is the best person to act as Director of Volunteers. Beginning MUN 4 years ago, she participated in WorldMUN twice, and was a delegate in Rome in 2016, and Head Delegate in Montréal in 2017. She studied in Russia for one year. She is here to service all the delegates.


miki tokunaga
deputy director of logistics

Miki is a very passionate person who is highly-motivated in her studies of international legal frameworks. She has been an active member of the MUN Society as well as the International Law Society at her college. She has taken part in several conferences including WorldMUN 2019, and also acted as Chairperson twice in Japan’s MUN. She will serve delegates a good environment together with Aomi.


haruka tsuchiya
director of social events

Haruka started her MUN journey three years ago when she just entered college. Since then, she has been an active member of the MUN society at her college and was in charge of planning events there. As a delegate, she has participated in over 15 conferences, including WorldMUN 2019. Her adaptability inspires our team members every day, and she will create impress social events for the WorldMUN 2020 in Tokyo.


natsuko itoh
director of public relations

Natsuko enjoys MUN not only as an activity but also as an opportunity to deepen her studies. She has participated in many conferences including WorldMUN 2016. She also enjoys playing the violin, and was the former Concert Master of her college orchestra. She is participating in an internship at the office of Minister for Foreign Affairs of Japan for the purpose of acquireing deep understanding on foreign diplomacy. Her perseverance and dedication are a great addition to our team.


akira murai
assistant director of social events

Akira is a senior in the Osaka University. He started MUN in his freshman year and participated in conferenes over 25 times. He chaired the Japan National MUN twice and was awarded the Outstanding Delegate award once. Having spent one year in Spain to further learn his studies of anti-terrorism policy. He participated WorldMUN 2018 PANAMA in DISEC, and this year he wants to go back to WorldMUN as a host team member. We are confident in his ability to provide an amazing event for the delegates with Haruka.