Hope Kudo ‘22 Legal Committee

Hope Kudo ‘22
Legal Committee

Hope Kudo

Wait, who even is she? I am a second year student at the college (although I often get confused as a high schooler because of how short I am) studying Sustainable Architecture and Computer Science. Hailing from the Big Island of Hawaii I am excited to have the opportunity to explore the world! I’ve participated in MUN since high school and have chaired conferences at NHSMUN, HMUN, and HNMUN, and I am pumped for WorldMUN!

This nerd has hobbies? You bet! I am a staff writer for the Harvard Crimson and the Harvard Political Review, I dance in the Asian American Dance Troupe and am on the Executive Board for First-Generation Low-Income Student Union. In my free time, I play on the club tennis team, enjoy adventuring, and finding fluffy dogs to pet. You can often find me in my natural habitat: the coffee shop, enjoying a chai tea. 

Topic: Defining Terms and Developing International Measures Regarding the Captivity of Political Prisoners

Political Prisoners pose a large issue of debate within the international community as there is no universally accepted definition of the term. Political prisoners are broadly considered as an individual who is imprisoned due to their political movements, most notably those who oppose their own nation’s government. In most situations, these individuals’ detainment violated basic human rights and are imposed for political reasons in a discriminatory manner and sentences are often disproportionate to the offense. As there is currently no existing definition of a political prisoner, delegates will be tasked with determining what qualifies a political prisoner and the rights they are afforded. Delegates will address questions concerning the need for the UN to update the previously established “Basic Principles for the Treatment of Prisoners” or institute a new declaration of rights concerning prisoners while tackling whether the UN should have the ability to decide how prisoners are run in an independent member state. In committee, delegates will be called upon to discuss issues such as human rights violations in prisons, determining sanctions in situations that necessitate regulation, and how to assist prisoners if they feel their rights are being breached, among others.